"Thankmas-The Gift of You"

A Purposeful Visioning Exercise by John A. Warnick

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas brings out the best in us. Why not bottle that goodwill and sprinkle it throughout the rest of the year? 

I’ve come up with a simple but extremely powerful exercise we can share with clients to make their Thankmas gatherings (a term used to describe any gathering that brings our loved ones together, whether it's at Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other time of the year) even more meaningful and memorable. The “Gift of You” exercise captures heartfelt expressions of our love, reflections of how much we’ve treasured time spent together, and insights into what we value and appreciate about the uniqueness of this very important person in our life. It's the perfect way to let our loved ones know how important they are and can be a great conversation starter or relationship builder.

Why don't you take 15-30 minutes to complete your own "Gift of You" exercise for a very special loved one or friend. When you share the completed exercise with your loved one, you'll discover how truly priceless this gift is. Happy Thankmas!!!

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